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An Eye on Your Success

PrideRock Farms provides a means for local restaurateurs to have all the necessary ingredients and supplies delivered straight to the kitchen, while tracking your ordering trends, and even keeping an eye for ingredients that might make their way out the back door.

A Friend of Local Restaurateurs

The ongoing demands of the kitchen can be overwhelming for any business owner. PrideRock Farms partners with local restaurateurs to simply make life easier.

Restaurant Operations Experts

We provide efficiency where it counts. Your processes are the keys to success in the kitchen. PrideRock Farms ensures you’re operating at peak performance by removing the visits to the restaurant supply stores, delivering your necessary ingredients and food supplies directly to your business, and auditing your purchases for trends and obscurities.

Supporting Local Business

Owning a business requires constant shifts of focus. It can be overwhelming. At PrideRock Farms, we believe a town’s local food establishments are what define it. It’s where people meet and community happens. Most patrons don’t realize the overwhelming processes and shifts of focus a business owner must face. We help local businesses because we care about local experiences. It’s what defines our nation.

Building Relationships Through Quality Products & Services

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About PrideRock — Our Story

At PrideRock Farms, we strongly believe the local food establishments of an area play a primary role in defining it. Look around any village or town on the weekend, and you’ll most likely find that the food sets the mood. It’s clear to us at PrideRock that restaurants and cafes provide the forum for communities to gather, for families to create bonding moments, and for friends to share laughter. In this belief, one can imagine our discomfort with the many burdens placed on a local restaurant owner to simply keep the doors open. This feeling just did not sit right with us. So we set out to learn the day-to-day processes involved in owning a local food establishment.

Over the years, we recognized many challenges and immediately took action to provide means to lessen the burden. And so PrideRock Farms was born; to provide local restaurateurs with their needed supplies and ingredients, reducing the number of visits to restaurant supply stores, and to track inventories for obscurities and consistency. We hope to achieve a quality relationship with each of our quality customers.

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